Cellular Practices

Visible Human Project

Transverse Plane

Exploring Inner Space: Somanautics and Fascial Dissection

Gil Hedly conducts dissections of cadavers inquiring into fascia and “fuzz”

Anatomy Trains

“Myofacial meridians–a revolution in soft-tissue patterning”

The Secret Life of Plants

Green Fluorescence

Arabidopsis thaliana flower buds, flowers, and seeds.  The plants were genetically engineered with green fluorescent protein and viewed under ultraviolet light. Micrographs by Natasha Myers

Seekers in the Society of Cells

Olympus Microscope Advertisement in Biophotonics

Snowball the dancing bird

You have to watch this all the way through, and follow the links for more! This makes me think about the “inner touch” as a sense of time, as a sense of rhythm, as a creative power available to all creatures…

You have to watch to the end to make sure you see the “bow”.

Note the interpretive moves that Michael Jackson seems to inspire.

Flocking (becoming with?)

Kelly Dobson, MIT Media Lab

follow the link above to see more of Kelly Dobson’s projects.

Julia Child makes “primordial soup”

Protein Synthesis: An Epic on the Cellular Level

The Inner Life of the Cell


Cinema of the Cell


One Response to “Cellular Practices”

  1. http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=284305227334&ref=mf

    In response to the starlings and Snowball, I introduce the urban bird.

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